Luggage Shipping

No more hassle with luggage at the airport!


Tired of dealing with the hassles of traveling with a lot of big, bulky luggage?  The Mail Center can help you with this dilema by shipping your luggage to your destination for you.Luggage Shipping

Just bring us your bags and we will ship them for you. Save time and the effort of taking them to the airport, checking them and then finally waiting around for them at the luggage carousel. We can lower your stress by sending your luggage directly to your destination. Whether that be your hotel, vacation property or family/friends place and they can be waiting there for you when you arrive if you ship them in advance of you leaving for your trip.

We can beat anyone prices on luggage shipping, plus you do not have to pay those expensive Airline Baggage Fees!

So call us at 801-352-7447 or come down to The Mail Center to drop off your luggage before your trip.