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We are your one-stop authorized domestic shipper

for UPS, FedEx, and the United Postal Service

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Are you looking to ship a letter, package or parcel across the United States?  At The Mail Center, we help you choose the best shipping carrier and service that best suits your shipping needs.  Whether it be via UPS, Fedex, US Mail and/or various Freight Carriers, we will use our 25 years of experience to help guide you through the various options available to get your packages to the desired destination.

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Express/overnight shipping

When your package or letter must get there fast! We recommend UPS or FedEx who offer guaranteed on time delivery for overnight, 2 day and 3 day shipping.

Urgent same-day delivery

When you simply can’t wait until the end day, we can ship same day to most major US cities via FedEx.  This is the perfect solution for shipping time sensitive and critical items such as prescription medication, medical devices, car keys and important documents.

Ground shipping

When time is not an issue but you still need a reliable guaranteed service, we recommend UPS or FedEx ground service.  These services are guaranteed to arrive within 6 business days, can be insured and are traceable with a unique tracking number.

Mail services

For reliable and low cost delivery of your letters and packages, we offer US mail services.  This is a perfect solution for letters, postcards, large envelopes, and small to medium sized parcels.

Freight shipping

When you’re shipping something that exceeds the size or weight limits for UPS or US Mail, now worries we can handle that too with our various Freight Carriers.  Also, if you are sending multiple boxes to the same location, it may be cheaper to put it on a pallet and send it through one of our Freight Carriers.



It does not matter what type of letter, package or parcel you are trying to ship, we will save you time and money by coming into The Mail Center.  With a wide variety of shipping carriers all under one roof, we will help you avoid long lines at the post office while helping you make the right decision based on shipping needs and your budget.


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Take a look at the list of products and services that will help you with your Domestic Shipping.

UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service

The Mail Center is a UPS authorized shipping outlet, Fedex authorized shipped center and Approved shipper for the United State Postal Service. Why run all over town when you can drop by The Mail Center for all of your Domestic Shipping needs. We offer a full array of shipping options and can help advise you on the pluses and minuses of each for your particular items and destinations.

At The Mail Center you can choose between FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service, and we understand all the features that make one a better choice than another for your particular needs. So don’t let yourself feel limited by the big box stores – you can count on The Mail Center to give you multiple choices, objective advice and a worry-free domestic shipping experience.  

Mailing Letters & Documents

When it comes to shipping letters and documents, each of the carriers we use has its own set of offerings and rules. Some offer very specific choices when it comes to delivery date and even time of day. You can get your letters and documents delivered within one, two, or three days or even ensure, for example, that they will arrive by a specific time the next day – as early as 8:00AM. If, on the other hand, you can be more flexible, it will cost you less if you select another shipping option. For example, USPS Priority Mail usually arrives within two days but is not guaranteed to meet a deadline. A little-known complication is that not all services are available for all zip codes, even within the “lower 48” states.

Here at The Mail Center we are up to date with these subtleties and the myriad of other factors that must be considered when looking to send a letter or document domestically with in the US. Let The Mail Center make your life that much easier. We know the answers and will help you find your way through the maze of rules, regulations, and carrier differences.

Shipping Packages

When it comes to packages, there are more variables to consider than with letters and documents. The delivery date and times differ from carrier to carrier, but for packages there is choice to be made between air and ground service. In addition, shipping options can range from premium services to the tried and true “no-frills” ground shipping. All UPS and FedEx package prices include free insurance for up to $100 of declared value. Many shipping options include tracking numbers for easy online monitoring of progress, while others only provide a confirmation number for delivery notification. With each carrier having its own set of service offerings, let The Mail Center’s experienced and professional staff help you select just the right combination of features to best suit your shipping needs and stay within your budget.

Freight Shipping

The Mail Center is your single stop for large or LTL freight shipping services. The Mail Center can schedule your freight pick up from another location or ours. We can put your large items on a pallet for you if needed or pick up your freight for shipping. Check out our Frieght Shipping page for more information.

Shipping Insurance

Worried about having your valuables damaged or even lost? You can insure your packages for up to $25,000 when shipping at The Mail Center. In the event of a lost or damaged package, we will handle the claims process for you so that you do not have to deal with the carriers.

Luggage Shipping

Going on vacation? Don’t want to carry your business extras to your meetings? Stop by The Mail Center and we’ll take care of all your luggage shipping needs. The Mail Center has cost competitive solutions to get your luggage where it needs to go without the hassles at the airport. It’s is simple!  You can ship your things in one of our new luggage boxes or just  ship the suitcase as is.

Don’t get caught at the airport with an overweight bag and can cost additional fees. Bring your over weight suitcase to The Mail Center, where we will weight and ship it for you. Just bring it in to The Mail Center a few days before you leave and with will ship your luggage directly to your destination hotel, so that it is waiting for you when you arrive.

We will pack your things (if necessary) and get them to your hotel on time. And we can even give you a return shipping label to get them back to your house when you come home. Let The Mail Center do all the work. Just imagine: traveling without luggage. Does it get any better than that?  Take a look at our Luggage Shipping Service.

Packaging Services

Are you tired of trying to figure how to pack that special item so it arrives in one piece? You have to find the right box size, then hunt down the bubble-wrap, peanuts, tape, etc. It’s time consuming, expensive, and a major inconvenience (and you may not pack it properly). The Mail Center provides professional packaging and packing shipping services.

Proper packing is both a science and an art. Let our experienced staff professionally pack and ship your fragile, valuable, large, and awkward items because we treat them as if they were ours. We stock over 70 box sizes and keep plenty of styrofoam peanuts, bubble-wrap, tape, specialty boxes (artwork, laptops, double-wall, etc.) and other packing materials on hand. We can even custom-make a box for those elk antlers or car bumpers.  You name it and will pack it with our Custom Box Making, Crating Service , Professional Packing and Packaging Supplies.

Drop off location for UPS, Fedex and US Mail

Are you going to be receiving a package in the near future? The Mail Center is authorized to accept prepaid packages for UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service. Again, the convenience of having all shipping carriers under one roof makes The Mail Center your one stop shop for all of your Domestic Shipping needs.  Check out our Package Receiving Services.


Why should you ship your packages with The Mail Center?


It is simple.  We have over 25 years of experience with in the shipping industry.  This experience coupled with our professional and friendly staff help you manage your domestic shipping needs so you do not have to worry about the hassle and confusion associated with shipping a package.  Allow our one stop Domestic Shipping Services and Products keep you out of the long lines at the Post Office and other Shipping Carrier centers while making sure that you are getting the lowest possible shipping rate available.  We are a Locally Owned Business that takes pride in servicing the community and pleasing our customers.


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